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If you’re like me who have been searching for Misk online, here’s a heads up: City Centre Rotana Doha has rebranded it and is now known as Zeituna Lebanese Restaurant. Surprised? Don’t worry you’re not alone.

Misk Out. Zeituna In.

A year after it was officially opened (along with other CCRD restaurants Teatro and Bostons), Misk has been changed to Zeituna which is even more Lebanese-centric. Deriving from the word “Zaytun” (زيتون) which means olive, it is parallel to CCRD’s all-day dining restaurant “Olive Oil”. Makes sense right?

Zeituna defines dining as more than just food but more of experience and tradition. It is about family and friend, hospitality and sharing. It promises to bring the rich Levantine tradition right at the heart of the city.

Zeituna Misk

Before: It was named Misk.

Zeituna Logo

Zeituna IN: Same look and feel, just under a different name.

What’s New

The Look

Apart from the name itself, changes are subtle at the new Zeituna. I was previously in Misk in August during my staycation and from the interior perspective, the place looks the same. Not that I am saying that it is a bad thing, in fact, I find it quite nice. I’m glad the familiar look and feel of the place were retained.

Zeituna Foyer

The foyer is nicely decorated. I am not sure about the color palette but I am wondering what’s up with the color choices.

Zeituna Stage

The restaurant is roomy and is like a small ballroom I must say. Plenty of seats and there is even a stage for live performers.

Zeituna Beads

Quite a favorite on Instagram. #zeitunadoha

Zeituna crystal tubes

…and so are these

Shisha/ Hookah/ Hubble Bubble: IN

A common staple among Lebanese (and most Arabic) restaurants, shisha is now available in Zeituna. Choose between the usual flavors like Grape. Mint, Apple, or go experimental with Peach, Rose, Yellow Melon or even Cocktail. Regular shisha is priced at QAR 125 while there is a real fruit variant which is priced at QAR 150.

Zeituna Shisha

Shisha is now available.

Zeituna Performers

Enjoy Lebanese music with live performances by various artists.


Now, let’s talk about the food. I’m sure 80% of your reason why you’re browsing this entry is to check how is the food so I’ll give it a run down.

The current menu has been slightly tweaked from the last time I was in Misk. There were a few items that were taken out and while it is a bit strange to say: it now caters to a more international palette. Without sacrificing authenticity, the items in the current menu still reflects the rich Levantine culture but a bit foreign-friendly.

I managed to try a good amount of the items and while most of these are available in various set menus (ranging from classic, premium, and deluxe), you can also order a la carte.

Whether you are a novice to Lebanese cuisine or in Zeituna alone, here are my food recommendations of dishes worth trying on your next visit. Note: I selected a mix of “usual” orders and a few “interesting” picks that every foodie should give a go.

Mezze and Appetizers

Zeituna Baba Ganouche

Baba Ganouche: Grilled Eggplant mixed with Tahina and Lemon Juice

Zeituna Hummus Ras Asfour

Hummus Ras Asfour: Chickpeas topped with minced meat and pine nuts.

Zeituna Fatet Batenjen

Fatet Batenjen: Eggplant, fried bread topped with yogurt, garlic, coriander and pine nuts.

Zeituna Nkhaat Mtabbaleh Lamb Brain

Nkhaat Mtabbaleh: Lamb Brain Salad served with mint, lemon, coriander, and garlic.

Zeituna Bizri

Bizri: Fried Baby fish served with Tahini sauce.

Zeituna Kebbeg Zghartawyeh

Kebbeg Zghartawyeh: Kebbeh Stuffed with meat, pine nuts, and dry meat.

Zeituna Sawda Diej

Sawda Diej: Pan-fried chicken livers with pomegranate and lemon sauce.


Zeituna Mixed Grill

Machewe Michakale: Grilled kofta, taouk, and veal served with vegetables, garlic sauce, and french fries

Zeituna Jumbo Prawns

Jumbo Prawns: Grilled jumbo prawns with tomato and tartar sauce.


Zeituna Osmaliah

Osmalieh: Crunch crust filled with pistachios, strawberries, and vanilla ice cream.


Overall, Zeituna remains as a promising, up and coming Lebanese restaurant in Doha. The menu selection is great. The quality of food is good. I must say that the prices are competitive and the overall experience would make up to the mid-range/expensive price tag of some of the items.

Some might have qualms with the look and aesthetic but, hey, looks are always subjective. I appreciate the fact that it is roomy and when the live music starts playing, it easily becomes a great hang-out place for Arabs. Factor in the inclusion of full bar and shisha, it clearly knows how to address the specific needs of its clientele.

Being a non-Arab myself, I can see myself going back for a couple of items in the menu that I enjoyed most (and rarely sees elsewhere). Be it the mezze, or the mains, it surely gives the right fix to my insatiable Arabic craving.

Which one is your Lebanese food favorite?


Zeituna Lebanese Restaurant

Open from 11 AM to 2 AM

1st Floor, City Centre Rotana Doha

Conference Centre Street, Dafna, Doha

Phone: +974 44458717


I was a guest at Zeituna Lebanese Restaurant on this occasion. However, all photos and opinions are mine.


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