Wednesday Sushi Night at Blue

If you’ve been in Doha for a while and happens to be a sushi aficionado (like myself), you’ve probably known by now that Sunday is (unofficially) Doha’s Sushi Night. Most Japanese restaurants (or Asian in general) hold their Sushi-themed nights on Sundays and some even extend on Mondays. What better way to start the new week with a boatload of sushi (and sashimi) right? But while the Sunday (and Monday) sushi scene is crowded, others veer away and hold theirs on some other night. Case in point: Blue’s Wednesday Sushi Night.

Blue Sushi Night

Located at Movenpick Hotel Aziziyah, Blue gives that cozy ambiance with the a rather different interior compared to its contemporaries in Doha. Inspired by the hotel’s Victorian theme, the interior reflects that classy elegance Victorian era is known for.

It is also known for its popular weekend brunch held every Friday and adding to the list is their new Sushi Night happening on Wednesdays.

Sushi Night Ambiance

More than just Sushi

Setting aside the tricky topic of “authenticity”, Doha’s sushi buffet scene has gone crowded and generic over the years. Once a novelty (back in the day that only few restaurants offer Japanese menu), it has now become so common that it has become tougher to stand-out from the rest of the pack.

Aside from picking a different day of the week to hold its Sushi Night, Blue takes pride that it doesn’t only offer sushi but additional items that would cater to other clients that might not be too fond of sushi-centric buffet. While I am a huge sushi eater, I know some of my friends are not too fond of it. Sometimes, inviting them to join me for sushi is a struggle because most of the restaurants have limited choices (aside from a thousand sushi rolls) For starters, Blue offers soups and salad that are leaning to seafood.

During my visit, I saw seafood tom yum soup, shrimp cocktail salad, spicy squid salad and even mussels which I totally enjoyed!
Sushi Night Salad

Sushi: Just OK

Now, let’s talk about the sushi. By no means, Blue’s sushi offering is adequate. You’ll never run out of rolls to choose from maki to nigiri. Sashimis are available upon request so do take note of that. And while the sushis are plenty, I have to be honest that I’ve seen better sushis in town than what I had that night.

Blue’s sushis are OK. They are not bad (at all cost), but they’re not outstanding either. They look delicious and delectable, I’m sure of that. But there’s something with the taste that I was missing. Perhaps the rice is a bit underseasoned, or that the filling lacks that fresh taste that I am used to.

Sushi Night Nigiri

I appreciate that they didn’t go over the top with crazy variations of these rolls which is pretty evident in other restaurants. The sushi selection is decent and more importantly, they are keeping it simple. The real Japanese sushis in Japan are basic and simple anyway, and keeps that fresh flavor from the filling and rice. If only the rice could be tweaked a bit more (a bit more vinegar and salt maybe?), that could elevate the overall taste of these nifty rolls.

Sushi Night Maki

But overall, I can see how these rolls would appeal to those who are really not into sushi (mostly because of the raw flavor). They’re like basic sushis that if you’re new or not a big fan, they’ll do the fix without over-analyzing that it lacks certain flavor.

Sushi Night Sushi Close Up

Sweet Endings

Aside from the soup and salad, having a dessert station is a very welcome addition. I have to admit that every time that I would go for a sushi buffet, I always end up with a very fishy after-taste. I would always crave for something sweet to cleanse the palette. Yeah, pickled ginger just doesn’t do the trick for me. At least, not enough.

So if you’re like me who craves for some sugar fix after a myriad sushi stuffed in, you got them here.

Sushi Night Desserts

The overall experience with Blue’s Wednesday Sushi Night is commendable. Let’s be clear that it might not be the BEST sushi-themed night in town but I can see why and who this theme night is aiming for. At 125 QAR, it is very reasonably priced and one of the cheaper alternatives if you are looking for a sushi buffet (be it from a hotel chain or a stand alone Japanese restaurant). With the addition of starters and desserts (and even drinks), you absolutely get your money’s worth.

It is not aimed for sushi fans alone. It aims to a more generic segment of diners who might be first-time sushi eaters, or just not that big on sushi (alone). Having the starters and desserts absolutely offers variety. It caters to others who might want to mix things up and enjoy a calamari salad along with their rolls. I would do that myself.

It might be called a Sushi Night but Blue’s offering is far more than that. It is Sushi and more. And with that, it is recommendable to everyone. A valid dining option on those nights that you can’t decide what to have for dinner. Sushi or something else? Blue says: You can have both.


Sushi Night at Blue

Price: QAR 125

Wednesday 7PM-11 PM

First Floor, Mövenpick Hotel Al Aziziyah, Al Waab, Doha

Reservation: +974 44455535

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