Why everyday SHOULD be Valentine’s Day?

Valentine’s Day. Heart’s Day. Global Single Awareness Day. Whatever you wanna call it, it is the time of the year again when everyone becomes affectionate, romantic and for some, depressed (even more). That single day when the world highlights the earthly definition and mere concept of love.

Your social media feed might be flooded with sweet thoughts, photos and even videos all filled with affection. Flowers and chocolates are selling like pancakes. Restaurants are mostly booked. Everyone is filled with love. They say Valentines is the global celebration of love. Everyone seems to be so loving you would think it is overflowing.

But if there is so much love in the world, why is there still place for hate?

The Greeks have classified that there are different kinds of love. You might have heard words such as Eros, Philia, Ludus, Pragma, Agape, Philautia, and Storge. Love is indeed quite a complex word to define that they were able to further classify them not only into three but seven kinds. If there are seven kinds of love, why is it that on Valentines Day, it seems that only Eros is the one being highlighted? What happens to the other six? Aren’t they also kinds of love that need to be celebrated?

If you will look around us today, on a global scale, it seems that love (especially Philia) is running dry. Conflicts and war spring from everywhere and spreads like a wildfire. People has grown selfish and very much into themselves. The division has been prevalent not only by race, culture or religion.

As that line from that 1965 hit by Jackie DeShannon would accurately say:

“What the world needs now, is love (sweet love).

52 years after, it is the same thing that the world needs even more. The world needs more compassion and understanding so that this love will spread even more and would not be contained to just an individual or a small group of people.

Love is not just chocolates, or greeting cards, or flowers, or kisses, or hugs, or spooning and overnight sex. Love is NOT JUST about EROS. There is much more into it and I know you already know it. But what stops you from being a little more compassionate? A little more understanding? A little more forgiving?

If Valentines Day is really a celebration of love (the universal kind of love), why don’t we start to be a better person for our friends, our families and the people around us in general? Let’s celebrate by forgiving the people who have hurt us. Understand that we are all different and we do not need to argue who is more superior than the other. We can all coexist. Peacefully.

If only media can paint another picture of how Valentines Day should be like (more than selling sweets that will make you fat, flowers that affect our environment among others), then maybe we can have that one tiny step in achieving global understanding. One small step towards peace and only then, we can really say that #LoveWins. Because only through peace that true love can exist.

A former beau will always tell me “There is so much love in the world not to give.” And if love indeed springs eternal, what stops you from giving and spreading it? Let’s make every day a Valentines Day.

1 John 4:8

 Whoever does not love does not know God, because God is love.


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