Finding the Spicy Route

See you tomorrow at Spicy Route. I’ll send you the map.”

Spicy Route. Barwa. How come I haven’t heard of it?

Some 20-kilometer ride with Careem and the horrendous Doha traffic in a relatively humid night, I reached the place. Unheard to many and hidden in the up and coming Barwa Village, this restaurant offers North Indian dishes (both vegetarian and non-vegetarian) and other than that, my impromptu research while stuck in traffic didn’t yield any results.

Spicy Route Restaurant Qatar Entrance

Spicy Route Facade (image courtesy of Spicy Route Website)

Jars of Heart Spice

Surprised. Pleasantly Surprised.

Unlike most stand alone Indian restaurants that I’ve been to in Doha, Spicy Route offers a modern approach to its interiors and over all look and feel. White cushioned sofas, neatly set up tables and interesting brass-looking metal pieces adorns the ceilings.

Spicy Route Restaurant Qatar Interior

Dining area on the ground floor offers a roomy and high ceilinged ambiance.

Spicy Route Restaurant Qatar Ceiling Lights

These lighting fixtures are too hard to miss.

There is a stark difference between the seating areas on the ground floor and the on the upper level. While the ground floor offers a roomy, high ceilinged setup, the upper floor offers a more cozy, low seating dining atmosphere. While preference is always subjective, it is great to have options.

Spicy Route Restaurant Qatar Tables

The media table was cozy.

Hundreds of jars containing various spices reflects the restaurant’s inspiration: The Spice Route.

Spicy Route Restaurant Qatar Jars

Can you guess how many jars are there in the entire establishment?

Dating back several thousand years ago, the spice route reflects the journey of spices from the Malabar coast in Kerala through Srilanka, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and Middle East. Through trading in the old days, these Indian spices was brought to various places across the world and became instrumental in the popularity of Indian spices that we know today. Spice market will never be complete without mentioning the important cotribution of India.

Combining the rich history and modern look, I can see that the restaurant is well thought of.

More Spice More Flavor

I joined a couple of other food bloggers along with the guys from Social Clicks and the restaurant owners themselves. The menu that night highlights Spicy Route’s best-sellers and signature dishes.

Welcome Drink

Spicy Route Restaurant Qatar Guava Lassi

Trying something new from my usual Mango, this Guava Lassi is both creamy and refreshing.


Spicy Route Restaurant Qatar Kebab

Lamb Chops, Buraji Kebab, and Mutton Pattiyala Seikh Kebab

Spicy Route Restaurant Qatar Spinach Kebab Palak

Palak (spinach) Kebab

The Mains

Spicy Route Restaurant Qatar Curry

Bhuna Gosht: meat chunks with a curry with a thick, reduced sauce.

Spicy Route Restaurant Qatar Vegetable Curry

Chapta Tarkari or Vegetable Curry

Spicy Route Restaurant Qatar Chicken Biryani

Hyderabadi Chicken Biryani has a rather muted flavor which compliments the flavorful curries I tried that night.


Spicy Route Restaurant Qatar Dessert Malai Moon

Malai Moon is made with homemade paneer (cheese) with rose water flavored malai (non-homogenized milk)

Spicy Route Restaurant Qatar Kamla Katori Dessert

Kamla Katori served in orange peel has that creamy and refreshing mix from milk and juicy orange pieces that bursts in your mouth.

I may be the lone non-Indian in the pack that night but truth be told, my fascination for Indian food has been on for years. I eat more Indian food than my own Filipino dishes. My friends can attest to that.

Spicy Route Restaurant Qatar Food Bloggers

Some of Doha’s Food Bloggers: 24HrFoodie, The FoodSheikh and FoodSheikha and myself. (image courtesy of @social_clicks)

Redefining Spicy

For non-Indians and those who are not into spicy food, don’t let the restaurant’s name scare you. None of the food that we tried that night was spicy hot but one thing I can vouch for: all of them were cooked to perfection and flavorful.

The meat was succulent and tender. People often associate “spicy” to hot, where in fact, anything with spice (be it clove, cinnamon, or mace) can be called spicy. It is more appropriate to say that it is flavorful and this is what Spicy Route delivers: innovative dishes while maintaining that flavorful authenticity.

While some would point out that it is more expensive than most Indian restaurants in Doha, the chic interior, overall dining experience, and of course, the quality of the food justifies the price very well. It will be hard not to recommend this restaurant and get the acknowledgment it deserves.


Spicy Route Restaurant

Shop No:6, Building No 16Barwa Village Doha – Qatar

Phone : +974 44449899, 44216474

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  1. Fatimah
    August 24, 2017 / 7:29 am

    Looks delicious… will give it a try

    • August 24, 2017 / 9:22 am

      Definitely, a must try. One of the underrated and undiscovered places (yet) in Doha.

    • August 25, 2017 / 10:24 am

      The prices are reasonable. Same range as Royal Tandoor. Considering the quality and the overall dining experience, it is worth every penny.

  2. October 28, 2017 / 2:04 am

    Im searching for a guest interview on my Tumblr blog, would you be

    • October 28, 2017 / 2:09 am

      Hello. The interview will be about what? Can you share a bit more details? Kindly shoot me an email.

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