By the Skyline: The Zengo Doha Afternoon Tea

Imagine yourself sitting by the window, overlooking the sea, or the busy cityscape. A delectable scone smothered with jam on your left and a warm cup of tea on your right. Not a bad picture of a perfect afternoon eh? Hold onto that image and head to the 61st floor of Kempinski Residence in West Bay as you turn that vision into a reality. Cleverly called as the highest High Tea in Doha, this is Zengo Doha Afternoon Tea.

Zengo Afternoon Tea Doha Seats

Spend the afternoon with overlooking the scenic view of Doha Skyline from the 61st floor.

With my growing fascination with afternoon tea as of late, I am delighted to be invited to try this new offering. Something I thought was too grown up to do before, afternoon tea has been my top suggestion if I have to meet some friends these days. A few months ago, I’ve shared my experience with Caramel High Tea and I am looking forward seeing what Zengo has to offer.

Zengo Doha Afternoon Tea Menu

Zengo Doha Afternoon Tea Menu

Zengo Doha Afternoon Tea offers a unique combination of Pan-Asian dishes and the traditional English sandwiches and pastries. The fusion concept of East meets West might no longer be new to most foodies but what is interesting is: How did it fare? Is it a Go or a No-Go?

Sweet Bites

Zengo Doha Afternoon Tea Macaroons

Miso Creme and Yuzu Creme Macaroons

Zengo Doha Afternoon Tea Cookies

Homemade Tea Cookie with Almond and Rose Water Syrup and with Honey Syrup and Pistachio Dust

Zengo Doha Afternoon Tea Scones with Jam

Cookie Scones with Homemade Kumquat Jam

Zengo Doha Afternoon Tea Sweets Meringue

Meringue Cups with Lemon Curd and Vanilla Cream with Red Fruits


Savory Bites

Zengo Doha Afternoon Tea Sandwiches

Homemade Cured Tenderloin Sandwich, Black Brioche Sandwich, and Pumpernickel Bread Sandwich

Zengo Doha Afternoon Tea Mushroom Bao

Zengo Doha Afternoon Tea Wild Mushroom Bao

Wild Mushroom Bao

Zengo Doha Afternoon Tea Vietnamese Roll

Vietnamese Roll


Zengo Doha Afternoon Tea Early Gray Mocktail

Mei Cha Oriental: Earl Gray, Kaffir, Cinnamon Syrup and Lemon Juice

Ying Long

Mei Cha Oriental

Shen Nung

Chazen Ichimi


Kameria Shinenshisu

Yei Sei Boto

Qui Long

Misu Kyasarin

Zengo Doha Afternoon Red Fruit Mocktail

Misu Kyasarin: Red Fruit Tea, Ginger, Sprite, Vanilla Syrup


Zengo Doha Afternoon Tea Camomile Tea

Fruity Camomile Tea

Classic Green Tea

English Breakfast

Earl Grey

Fruity Camomile

Jasmin Gold

Moroccan Mint

Red Fruit

Zengo Doha Afternoon Tea Red Fruit Tea

Red Fruit Tea


Overall, it was an interesting selection of sweet and savory items from each region. Unlike other establishments that offer the same fusion concept but falls either “Too Asian” or “Too Western“, Zengo Afternoon Tea successfully achieved just the right balance. While I initially thought that some item (Cured Tenderloin Sandwich) is a bit too salty for my liking, I came to a conclusion (and just an unsolicited opinion) that it is a playful trick to confuse my taste bud and appreciate the contrasting sweetness of the other items on the platter. I particularly enjoyed the macaroons and the meringue among the sweet bites. It has the right sweetness and the perfect crisp most meringue-based desserts fall short. The sour lemon curd and the yuzu filling cuts the sweetness of the crispy base.As for the savory items, I liked the Black Brioche Sandwich and of course, the Zengo best-seller: Wild Mushroom Bao. Both have the right amount of saltiness and that rich umami flavor from salmon and mushrooms respectively. Yes, an afternoon tea with a bao is indeed possible!

I understand that some traditionalists wouldn’t like to see such playful fusion for a concept of an afternoon tea but I am all for trying new things and giving a unique spin. Zengo has been known for its innovative dishes and that signature is evident even in this selection. The presentation was on point and very Instagrammable. Minimalist ambiance, scenic view, picture-perfect plating, and terrific food selection, it is one afternoon experience too hard to miss and not recommend.

Note to self: I will definitely find a seat with better natural light as my photos were quite washed out with the harsh afternoon light.


Ocha Package costs QAR 150 per person including unlimited tea and tea mocktails.

Kagayaki Package costs QAR 270 per person including unlimited tea and sparkling wine.




61st Floor, Kempinski Residences & Suites, Dafna, Doha

+974 4405 3560


I was a guest during in this occasion. However, all photos used and opinions are my own.

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      Thanks! Afternoon Tea starts at 3. Tic tac tic tac! 🙂

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