Sheraton Grand Doha Launches Garden Brunch

If you’ve been in the Gulf for a while now, you’ll know that the change of season is a big deal. You don’t need that infamous Game of Thrones quote to say “Winter is Coming” as more and more al fresco dining options are reopening in Doha. Adding to the list is the iconic Sheraton Grand Doha Resort and Convention Center with its new Garden Brunch launch.

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Sheraton Grand Doha is one of the city’s historical landmarks being the oldest hotel in Qatar dating back to 1979. As the winter season officially kicks in, the hotel is opening its doors garden to all foodies and families who would like to enjoy an outdoor dining experience like no other.

Sheraton Grand Doha Garden Brunch

Having been to a number of brunches in Doha, it is getting harder to differentiate what sets one from the other. All of them offers an impressive international buffet spread, some activities here and there, and a novelty theme that are sometimes borderline gimmicky.

For Sheraton, they decided to keep it simple: Garden Brunch. The hotel’s garden hosts this weekly brunch with lush green background and overlooking the pristine beach. Compared to other brunches, the buffet spread is just right. It is right smack in the middle of modest and lavish. From salad and appetizers, grilled items, fresh seafood, to live cooking station, sushi station, hot dishes, and even a generous camel ouzi (which I only get to see often during Ramadan), to dessert station, they got it covered.

Sheraton Grand Doha Garden Brunch Set Up

Dainty white tables and chairs line up with lush green background.

Sheraton Grand Doha Garden Brunch Grill

From lamb to beef, to chicken, and seafood, they’re all grill-ready.

Sheraton Grand Doha Garden Brunch Seafood

Seafood Station offers the freshest catch.

Sheraton Grand Doha Garden Brunch Sushi Sashimi Station

You know it by now… SUSHI and SASHIMI STATION: CHECK

Sheraton Grand Doha Garden Brunch International Cuisines

The buffet offers an international menu ranging from Asian, Indian, Arabic, and Western cuisines.

Sheraton Grand Doha Garden Brunch Live Station

Get your dose of freshly made pasta or chow mien at the Live Cooking Station

Sheraton Grand Doha Garden Brunch Roast Beef

Tired of grilled meat? Let’s try the succulent roast.

Sheraton Grand Doha Garden Brunch Ouzi

Before the turkey carving week starts, get the camel carving going!

Sheraton Grand Doha Garden Brunch La Liga

La Liga Lounge fan? Your favorites are also here.

Sheraton Grand Doha Garden Brunch Fish and Chips

Including these fish and chips. Got your beer ready?

Sheraton Grand Doha Garden Brunch Dessert Station

The impressive theme extends at the dessert station.

Sheraton Grand Doha Garden Brunch Donuts

Who can resist these? Tell me.

Sheraton Grand Doha Garden Brunch Cake Pops

And these cake pops?

I particularly enjoyed the spinach and ricotta lasagna which is divine; the red snapper was just tender and retains its texture, and the roast beef is succulent and fork-tender, you definitely have to try. I was too busy eating, I forgot to snap a proper photo. Unfortunately, I have to settle for Instastory footage.

Sheraton Grand Garden Brunch On my plate

I won’t tell which round was this but here are my top picks: Spinach and Ricotta Lasagna, Red Snapper, and Roasted Beef.

The live entertainment keeps the atmosphere laid back with an eclectic repertoire of jazz and blues music.

Sheraton Grand Doha Garden Brunch Live Band

It also caters to families with an interesting children’s area where kids would enjoy bouncy castles, clowns, ¬†and other kid-friendly attractions.

Sheraton Grand Doha Garden Brunch Kids Corner


Overall, the brunch looks very promising. While it was inevitably still warm when I visited, I definitely see myself going back in the coming weeks once the weather becomes more garden brunch friendlier. I like the concept and overall look and feel of the brunch. I’m a person who would like to have a more relaxed brunch, no fuss, no frills.

Price-wise, it is considerably pricey given that other brunches in town with similar buffet spread would cost less. Nothing much can be said about the quality and taste because they are of standard. Perhaps a little more ice on the seafood station would be great to maintain the required temperature (especially with how notorious Doha heat is), but other than that, everything else was executed pretty well.

If you’re looking for a great al-fresco dining experience (music, laid back ambiance, great selection of food, kid-friendly) in Doha done right, then the price difference would make it worth the tag.

Are you ready for more al fresco dining options this coming winter? Are you up for the Garden Brunch experience?


Sheraton Grand Doha Garden Brunch


1:00-3:30 PM

QAR 315 per person (including soft beverages)
QAR 415 per person (including special beverage package)

Phone: +974 4485 3000
Email: F&


I was a guest at Sheraton Grand Doha Garden Brunch on this occasion. However, all photos and opinions are mine (otherwise, stated).

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