Oryx Rotana Doha’s Butcher’s Night Steak-cation

ATTENTION CARNIVORES! Are you ready to have that meat sweat and devour an unlimited choice of cuts? Do you want to spend an overnight staycation in one of Doha’s iconic hotels this weekend for FREE? It’s time to unleash your inner meat beast with Oryx Rotana Doha‘s Butcher’s Night Steak-cation offer.

It was in July of 2015 when I last went for an all-meat night joining my friends for a Churrascaria night. After that (a week of constipation), I decided to go 180 and became a pescatarian since then. Not until I went back to food blogging this year, I wasn’t eating a single slice of meat. A week ago, I found myself back in Choices, not for the Seafood Night, but this time, to be a carnivore for a night.

Do you wanna know what’s in store?

S-S-S (Salad-Starters-Sides)

If you have been to any other theme night from Choice, you’ll be familiar with how the set up is. There are stations for your salads and starters, sushi (quite a staple in most buffets across Doha), and your choice of sides to go with your choice of meat. Take your pick from onion rings, hash browns, corn cobs and even that rich mac and cheese among others.

Oryx Rotana Doha's Butcher's Night Steak-cation Salad

Mezze and Salad Station

Oryx Rotana Doha's Butcher's Night Steak-cation Onion Rings

Onion Rings

Oryx Rotana Doha's Butcher's Night Steak-cation Hash Browns

Hash Browns

Oryx Rotana Doha's Butcher's Night Steak-cation Sushi

Sushi Station

Oryx Rotana Doha's Butcher's Night Steak-cation Mac and Cheese

Bacon Mac and Cheese

Unlimited Meat

I guess for any meat-lover or just a curious head like me, it starts with one tough decision of where to start and which one to pick first. With over 15 selection of prime cuts, I won’t blame you if you’ll find it hard to do a MEATiculous decision. Porterhouse, T-bone, Rib-eye, Lamb chops, even the juiciest burger patties, they’re all here.

Oryx Rotana Doha's Butcher's Night Steak-cation Steak Selection

Steak Station

Oryx Rotana Doha's Butcher's Night Steak-cation Steak Station

More meat.

Oryx Rotana Doha's Butcher's Night Steak-cation T-Bone Steak


Oryx Rotana Doha's Butcher's Night Steak-cation Rib-Eye


Oryx Rotana Doha's Butcher's Night Steak-cation Placemat

Need help? Check the liners.

Once done deciding which meats you want to devour, head over to the grill station and let the chefs do the rest for you. Let them know how do you want your meat to be done and they will take care of it. That is the perfect time for you to get your sides or get your drinks. Alcohol packages are also available. Steak SHOULD be paired with wine, right?

Oryx Rotana Doha's Butcher's Night Steak-cation Chef Grill

Let Chef do the smokey part.

Oryx Rotana Doha's Butcher's Night Steak-cation Cocktail Bar

Pair it with your choice of wine…or beer. No judgment.

Butcher’s Night Steak-cation Impression

The Oryx Rotana Doha’s Butcher’s Night Steak-cation offer has been on-going for months. If you haven’t tried and you’re into meat (like most of Doha’s population in general), you are missing a fantastic deal. With a wide assortment of meat choices, chances of being disappointed are slim to none. Surely, there is something for everybody.

Being not so fanatic of meat, I decided to go easy (yes, I was EASY with what I am going to enumerate) with my choices during my visit. My friend and I tried:

Oryx Rotana Doha's Butcher's Night Steak-cation Lamb Chops Kofta

Lamb Chops

Oryx Rotana Doha's Butcher's Night Steak-cation Beef Burger

Grilled Beef Burgers

Oryx Rotana Doha's Butcher's Night Steak-cation T-Bone

T-Bone Steak: Rare

Butcher's Night Steak-cation Porterhouse

Porterhouse with all its juice.

I’ve always preferred my steak rare and that night, I was satisfied with how my meat was cooked (is SEARED even more appropriate since it’s rare? Kidding). While the doneness of the meat was on point, I wish we could tweak the seasoning a bit. It was leaning closer to the bland side and I’m glad some condiments were handy to give some flavor. I like my meat with just plain salt and pepper, and just a dash more of that could have made my steaks perfect.

The lamb chops and kofta were flavorful on the contrary and every bite was a bliss. As for the burger patty, I specifically asked for it to be well-done, and despite that, it has retained enough juice inside avoiding it to be a completely dried up blob of meat.

During my visit, it was noticeably packed and it didn’t surprise me as this kind of a deal is an absolute must-visit. Perfect for friends and families, the entire Choice was filled in no time. This brings me to my minor concern, as more people come in, the time it takes for your meat to be grilled becomes longer. So long that you have to be on queue for a good 10-15 minutes just so you can hand your meats to the chef. While it is not too long of waiting time, it might bring such break on your momentum especially if you want one steak at a time. TIP: Take a couple of slices with you and have them grilled all at once to save time.

Despite such busy crowd, it would be a mortal sin not to vouch for this offer as one of the value-for-money deals in Doha as of date. Factor in the sweet complimentary overnight weekend staycation, you get your money’s absolute worth. Details of the staycation offer are mentioned below.

So whether you are a bonafide meat addict or just in the mood for a slice or two, be sure to check Choices. There’s no room for regret here, just beads of meat sweat.


QAR 235 per person (food only)

QAR 325 per person (including unlimited selected beverages)

QAR 370 per person (including sparkling vino and house beverages)

About STEAKation Offer

“Steakation offer: All you can meat and much more! Steak with us on Butcher’s night at Choices any Tuesday and you can stay for FREE on a Friday.

It’s one of the tastiest steaks and best-priced deals in Doha!  When you pay for TWO full prices for the Butcher’s Night, you get to stay overnight for FREE on Friday in a double room!

Spend an additional QAR 500 more during your stay on other services and we will give you a Voucher worth QAR 200 for a future visit! Terms & Conditions apply.

The check-in time is 2 pm on Friday and the checkout is 12 pm the following day. Only the room is included in the offer and all extras to be paid.”


Oryx Rotana Doha’s Butcher’s Night Steak-cation

Tuesday 7:00-11:30 PM


1st Foor, Oryx Rotana Hotel, Al Nahda School Street,

Airport Road, Umm Ghuwailina, Doha

Phone: 44023333


I was a guest at Oryx Rotana Doha’s Butcher’s Night Steak-cation on this occasion. However, all photos and opinions are mine.

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  1. November 5, 2017 / 2:30 pm

    Great photos as usual! It’s great that they’re prepared according to your preference of steak doneness. Yum!

    • November 5, 2017 / 2:38 pm

      Oh thank you! Yes, they did. Although the place got packed quite quick, I wonder if they managed to keep up with the demands.

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