Where to eat in Doha: Maki Mondays at Cactus Senshi

Sundays and Mondays are unofficially called Sushi days here in Doha. It has been common that most Asian or Japanese restaurants hold their open sushi bar on these days. Over the years that I have been here, I’ve seen the growing popularity of this trend. Cactus Senshi recently joined the bandwagon and offers Maki Mondays for sushi lovers like myself. How did it fare?

The rain didn’t bother me anyway

On a rainy (and thunderstorm) night, I decided to pay this restaurant a visit. I previously wrote my experience with their Senshi Bento promotion (which is still ongoing) and my initial impression here and it was relatively positive. I was hoping for the same with this new promotion.

“Table for how many, sir?” “All to myself. I’d like to try your Maki Monday deal.”

As usual, the staff warmly welcomed and all smilingly escorted me to my seat. Like many other open sushi promotions, there is a separate menu for maki rolls that are available for you to try. But unlike their contemporaries, Cactus Senshi’s is rather limited and you don’t need to choose. They will serve you all the items on the menu and if you wish for more, this is where the “unlimited” part kicks in. You can order specific maki out of all that you have tried to your heart’s desire.

Menu for the day


I haven’t even finished setting up my camera when the two platters of sushi and maki selection came. If the first impression really lasts, they are to a good start.

They come in twos. Both selections are served at the same time.

My first impression on the previous post remains the same. I am partial with  fusion sushi and maki rolls. They are nice and tasty but for a purist like me or those who are less adventurous with Japanese food, I really miss authenticity. The variety of the makis they are offering are amazing but I was looking for that distinct sushi taste that I am familiar with.

First Selection

I commend the really nice presentation and attention to details on every item on my plate and Hein (the server attending me) did an exceptional job answering my questions and explaining the maki selection that night. I was told that they change the menu every week. Among those that were available that night, I enjoyed the California Maki (classic) and the Smoked Salmon Maki. The size of each rolls also varies, but hey, if you’re still hungry, you can always order more.

Second selection.

I just wish that the selection will further improve. Despite a long shot, I hope they would consider serving sashimi and tempura to have some variety. I’m aware that it is called Maki Monday after all. But hey, sushi experience won’t be the same without some fresh sashimi on the side.

Go or No?

Overall, it was a great experience despite my reservation on the fusion concept. I definitely see myself coming back and recommend to my friends. It is one of the budget-friendly unlimited sushi promotions in town at 99 QAR (drinks not included).

Maki Mondays are available from 6PM-11PM. Although reservations are not necessary, it is still best to give a call for a hassle-free dining experience.


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