How to find your SECOND ONE?

“Why are you still single?” “When will you get married?”  “Haven’t your find someone yet?” “You’re not getting any younger, you should think about settling down soon.”

Do these questions sound familiar to you?

Since I came past 27 and one by one, my batchmates, friends and even former colleagues began settling down or at least went to a serious relationship, I have been asked countless times of these questions. It was funny at first but soon it became really annoying. At 30, I have mastered that “smile, s/he doesnt mean to annoy you but sure it does” face. Why is it such big of a deal to mend on my singleness?

To my consolation, I know I am not alone with this dilemma. I am one of many hundred individuals deemed to be searching for our Second One“.


Second One? Shouldn’t it be The One?

A couple of weeks ago, my mentor and pastor shared a video from YouTube where a young pastor (Keeneth Santiago) was discussing this epic saga of searching and waiting. I thought: “C’mon it’s too early for Valentines Day (aka Global Single Awareness Day) cheesiness”. I didn’t watch it. Soon after, people from church (those who are single) started talking about it. I felt left out. I can’t relate since I didn’t even bother scanning the video just to get even the gist of it. So after five days or so, I gave in. I clicked on the link and spent an hour listening (more than just mere watching) to it and I must say, it was all worth my time.

I’d like you to do the same. Whenever you have a spare hour of your day and whenever you are ready, go back to this page and click the video below.

Find out how to find your Second One.

Disclaimer: The video is 1:14:08 long. Yes, it is quite long so I hope you will be able to commit. I took the liberty to lift the important points discussed in the preaching so you would at least know what to expect.

Here it goes:

Looking for the One is normal.

  1. Jesus is the One. We need to love the One to find the One. Without Jesus in the first place, what comes next will never work.
  2. Let the One form you for your Second One. What person do I need to become for my Second One? Be the answered prayer to someone else.
  3. Enjoy Single Life to the fullest. If you want to enjoy your married life in the future, you have to enjoy your single life first. Honor your season.
  4. Wait and let the One bring you to your Second One.Waiting is a gift, an anointing. Don’t rush.


Were you able to finish watching the video? Have you found the answer why loving the One will bring you to your Second One?

I’d like to know your reaction. Share your thoughts in the comment section below or shoot me an e-mail. I’d love to hear from you.


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