Comfort Food Sundays at The Square

Sunday and I have this love-hate relationship since I was a kid. From waking up early in the morning to go to church, to doing your homework because school resumes the next day, Sunday is quite a stressful day. On the other hand, Sunday is our family day. It is the day when mom would cook something for lunch or one of my favorite dishes. Most of the time, I would ask for a heaping bowl of meatball spaghetti and corndogs. They’re my childhood favorites and my comfort food. If hashtags were existing back then, expect #SpaghettiSundays on my social media posts. Such fond memories came rushing when I was recently invited by Intercontinental Doha-The City to try their newly launched Comfort Sundays at The Square.

Intercontinental Doha- The City takes you a trip to memory lane with their newest Theme Night every Sunday.

Doha’s First

A first and I believe the only restaurant with such theme, The Square welcomes everyone both young and young at heart to enjoy the wide array of comfort food in their extensive spread. I liked the novelty and originality of the theme. But is it worth a try?

Featuring popular comfort foods from the Americas (United States, Canada, Mexico), the spread brings some nostalgic feels and takes a trip a few decades back to your childhood. We all have our comfort food reminiscent of our younger years and I’m sure, one way or the other, you will find it somewhere in several stations they have set up.

Popcorn Bar

Reminiscent of school fairs and late night movie? This DIY Popcorn Bar lets you customize your own popcorn with an assortment of flavors from the traditional salt, cheese, and caramel to a more adventurous one like Oreo, Choco Blossom, or even Cajun Spice.

Comfort Food Sundays at the Square DIY Bar

Customize your popcorn with this DIY Popcorn Station.

Soda Bar

They say, sugar is the most common source of comfort and while you’re at it, start with a sinful sip of sugar loaded soda from the Soda Bar. Topped with vanilla ice cream, the 11-year-old kid inside me indulged with Root Beer float that night.

Comfort Food Sundays at The Square Soda Bar

Sodas, floats, and all the fizzy drinks are found here.

Sugar Bar

If the sugar rush hasn’t struck you yet, this station offers all the confectioner’s delights from cakes, pastries, candies, and even pancakes smothered in your favorite syrup and toppings.

Comfort Food Sundays at The Square Sugar Bar Chocolate

Get that sugar rush: HERE.

Comfort Food Sundays at The Square Waffles

Lightly crisped waffles dusted with powder sugar.

Comfort Food Sundays at The Square Pancakes

Stack your pancakes to your heart’s content.

Comfort Food Sundays at The Square Maple Syrup

And drizzle with your choice of these lovelies.

Comfort Food Sundays at The Square Cakes

Take a bite or two.

Comfort Food Sundays at The Square Pie

Go and take that first slice.

Comfort Food Sundays at The Square Chocolate Dessert

Chocolate and hazelnuts are really match made in heaven.

Bagel and Salad Bar

While some people find comfort with sugar, others find comfort with carbs and bread. Fulfill that desire for a bagel or pretzel and your choice of cheese and other filling with the Bagel and Salad Bar. An assortment of maki rolls is also available for those (myself included) who find comfort with sushi.

Comfort Food Sundays at The Square Pretzels


Comfort Food Sundays at The Square Bagel Wall

The Bagel Wall is too hard to miss.

Comfort Food Sundays at The Square Chocolate Bread

Still not satisfied with the chocolate indulgence from the Sugar bar? Suit yourself with chocolate loaf.

Comfort Food Sundays at The Square Salad

Shoo away the blues with a bowl of fresh greens.

Comfort Food Sundays at The Square Sushi

Does Maki makes you happy?

Comfort Food Sundays at The Square Cheese

Chocolate +Cheese = Comfort.

Hot Food Bar

My personal favorite among all the bars, this is where I found my comfort food. Be it the cheeseburger soup on a cold and rainy day, or the mac and cheese or pizza for that gooey cheese craving in the middle of the night, the warmth and savory goodness (and perhaps the grease?) tick off the right boxes for me. And oh, the meatball spaghetti and corn dogs are here!

The Mexican Bar offers a customizable Quesadilla according to your liking.

Comfort Food Sundays at The Square Quesadilla

Fresh and hot Quesadillas.

Comfort Food Sundays at The Square Pizza

Pepperoni pizza straight out of the oven.

Comfort Food Sundays at The Square Chicken Wings

Honey-glazed chicken wings: One of my go-to food for weekend series marathon.

Comfort Food Sundays at The Square Burger

Bite-size burger sliders.

Comfort Food Sundays at The Square Spaghetti

My heaping helping of meatball spaghetti.

Comfort Food Sundays at The Square Corndogs

Childhood memories came rushing at the sight of these corn dogs.

Worth a Try?

Overall, the food selection and the bar choices offer one solid reason why this novelty of a theme is worth giving a shot. It is not the specific dishes that would really entice you but the overall theme and the excitement of memories rushing to you when you find your own comfort food. That certain familiarity and memories will bring such comfort (hence comfort food Sundays) and makes the whole dining experience more pleasant. Priced at QAR130 per person (including the soda bar beverages), it is reasonable and would highly appeal to friends and families who are on the lookout of a relaxed dinner on a Sunday evening.

Do I see myself coming back? Yes, definitely.


Comfort Sundays run from 6:30 PM and costs QAR130 per person. For more details and reservation, you may call +974 4015 8888 or visit their website at


I was a guest and was invited to try the Comfort Sundays at Intercontinental Doha The City but the photos and opinions used are my own and based on my experience.

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