Cheese Fondue Feast at Belgian Cafe

And just like that, we bid goodbye to January and tick a month off of 2018. Time flies! And as we welcome the cheesy (pun intended) month of February, what better way to indulge in that gooey, savory goodness but a bowl of rich cheese fondue. Belgian Cafe at InterContinental Doha brings back its annual Cheese Fondue Feast for all cheese connoisseurs and foodies looking for that insatiable cheese fix.

The Ultimate Cheese Fondue

Cheese Fondue InterContinental Doha

I was recently invited to try this year’s offering and just when I’ve just started shedding off the post-holiday (and basically an entire year of food blogging) pounds, I have to put my calorie count on hold as a pot of melted cheese is a sight to behold (and too hard to resist). Featuring three types of authentic cheeses, melted and blended to perfection, take your pick from an assortment of bread, delis, and even poached pears to smother with this creamy concoction. Absolutely my kind of “cheesiness”.

Cheese Fondue Quiche

If the bowl of goodness isn’t enough and you’re craving for more, there are plenty of equally great cheese-based dishes to choose from. From quiche (with blue cheese) to salads, and a couple of oven-baked dishes, you’re sure to have your dose of lactose and more (calories)! Truth be told, I thought the show was over after the fondue (which filled me up), and so when we were told that there are other dishes to try, I have to make some space! Quick!

Cheese Fondue Beef Tenderloin

Among the dishes that I tried, I particularly enjoyed the Tartiflette au Roblochon cheese with beef bacon, onion, and potato. It reminds me of family holidays where potato bake (or even gratin) is a staple. Close number two is the succulently grilled beef tenderloin served with pungent blue cheese sauce. For tender meat and flavourful cheese sauce? Come on, I won’t mind the calories skyrocketing! Well, at least they serve it with some baked (err roasted) vegetables on the side.

Cheese Fondue Chocolate

And what is fondue feast without the equally luscious bowl of melted chocolate? Come on, we are in Belgian cafe after all! The feast ended with a selection of fresh fruits, biscuits, and marshmallows all waiting to be dipped. It was that point when I kissed goodbye to the 3 kilos I have lost so far. After tonight, I’m sure I have gained them back (and even more)!

Valentine Single- Awareness Day Alternative

Just in time for the coming V Day, this is a great option for that cheesy day/night you want to spend with your significant other. Singles, don’t fret. Celebrate your independence with CCC (Cheese, Chocolate, Cocktail) as Belgian Cafe also has a great Happy Hour offering from 12:30-6:30 PM. This cheese fondue is great with your favorite ice cold beer!

So whether you’re single, in a relationship, or complicated, there’s no way not to go to Belgian Cafe and try this one out. And since it is a limited offer, you better catch it before it’s gone. A year-long wait is painstaking!


Belgian Cafe

Lobby Level, InterContinental Doha Hotel and Residences

Al Isteqlal Road, Westbay, Doha

Phone: 44844919



I was a guest on this occasion. However, all photos used and opinions are my own.

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