Fearless in Favelas: The City within a City

For many, Rio de Janeiro is synonymous with Cristo Redentor, the Sugarloaf, or the beaches of Copacabana and Ipanema. While I agree that these places entice me to come and…

Why 30 is the new 20 (and it will make you Thirsty)?

Hitting the big 3-0 your indelible ink to real-world adulthood. But why fret?

Where to eat in Amman: Finding the pot of gold in Rainbow …

They say there is a pot of gold at the end of every rainbow. Will there be a pot waiting by the end of this street too?

How to find your SECOND ONE?

Loving the One to find your Second One. Sounds complicated? Read more to find out.

What is your antipodal destination?

Ever wondered what is on the opposite side of the world right at this very moment?

Why (not) GEORGIA?

Instead of taking a "Midnight train to Georgia", I took a midnight flight and arrived in Tblisi early morning. Why?

Becoming a Pescatarian

Vegetarian with seafood. Know more how to become a pescatarian and start a healthier lifestyle this new year.

What I’ve learned in 2016

Let us start the new year and this new blog with how the past year has ended.