TGI-Tea: The Caramel High Tea at City Center Rotana

Thursdays for us here in this Arabic region could mean a lot of things: start of a weekend, party, laundry night, or even just rest binge-watching your favorite flick over Netflix. While the rest of the world would be screaming “TGIF: Thank God it’s Friday!” well, we have “Thank God it’s Thursday” instead. And if party, laundry or binge-watching is not your thing, why not try meeting your friends for high tea on a Thursday?

Caramel High Tea City Center Rotana

Caramel Lobby Lounge at City Center Rotana invited me and my friends to try their high tea offering which started in February. While I call it as “afternoon tea” rather than “high tea”, it’s a mere “tomāto-tomäto” thing with just a few differentiating variables. Bottom line, it is an afternoon affair with tea, a luscious array of food and a hearty conversation with friends.

Caramel High Tea City Center Rotana Menu

The Menu

So how did it go?

If I will be asked to put it in one word, “Divine” would still be an understatement. What I initially thought of a typical “tea-scone-jam-cake” afternoon combo was more of like a lavish spread of all things good (savory and sweet) all paired with your choice of tea. Executive Chef Matias Ayala really poured out his expertise in coming up with the best selection of pastries and sandwiches making it an experience on its own rather than just an afternoon drinking tea.

Upon our arrival, the gracious staff escorted us to our reserved seat and explained how the afternoon will go. Despite the sophisticated set up (complete with live piano performance), you’ll feel right at home with the hospitality. No room for intimidation.

Caramel High Tea City Center Rotana Entrance

Cozy Athmosphere

Caramel High Tea City Center Rotana Live Music

Live performance. He’s giving John Legend a run for his money.

Caramel High Tea City Center Rotana Meringue

These meringue will make any sweet tooth happy. Just don’t tell the dentist.

Caramel High Tea City Center Rotana Sweet Pastries

Plenty of pastries and sandwiches.

One of the wait staff explained to us that we can try the tea samples first before making that all important decision of which tea (from literally a dozen choices) to commit to.

TEA-nk Twice

Caramel High Tea City Center Rotana Tea Selection

Extensive choices for your afternoon tea.

In partnership with Dilmah, Caramel offers a wide selection of tea including Ceylon Tea in Breakfast, Apple Pie and Vanilla, Chocolate and Mint, Pomegranate and Mint, Earl Grey, Mint Green Tea, Pure Peppermint, Natural Lemon Verbena among others. And compared to their contemporaries, Caramel lets you choose to sample each before you commit. With such a wide selection, it is really hard to decide. Tough call. I ended up having the chocolate and mint.


Caramel High Tea City Center Rotana Tea Selection

Choose from your good old green, jasmine, earl grey and breakfast.

Caramel High Tea City Center Rotana Tea Selection

To interesting flavors like Apple Pie and Vanilla, Pomegranate and Mint and even Chocolate and Mint

Caramel High Tea City Center Rotana Tea Cup

My own Ceylon Tea with Chocolate and Mint

You could also opt to have mocktails if you haven’t made up your mind on which tea to choose.

Caramel High Tea City Center Rotana Mocktails

Refreshing mocktails for the warm afternoon.

Scones and more (a lot more)

And just when we thought that the decision-making process is over, Chef Matias gave us an even harder task as the staff will bring in the assortment of mini sandwiches and sweets.

Caramel High Tea City Center Rotana Sandwiches

Thank you Joy for making us right at home the entire afternoon.

Caramel High Tea City Center Rotana Sandwiches

Towers of goodies.

Caramel High Tea City Center Rotana Sandwiches

Cucumber textured mint cream cheese sandwich, Foie gras mousse and smoked duck, cranberry jam sandwich, Smoked Salmon pinwheel sandwich.

Sandwiches include smoked salmon and rillettes with crushed avocado and fried caper, coronation chicken sandwich with green apple slightly curried mayo, foie gras mousse and smoked duck, roasted beef triangle with baby spinach, celery and onion jam. Those who crave for savory sandwiches will surely be satisfied.

Caramel High Tea City Center Rotana Scones

Lavish spread.

For that sweet tooth, you can have warm scones with clotted cream, homemade jam, and preserves. Or dig in with florentines, fig tart, lemon meringue tart, dark chocolate truffle and even Arabic sweets such as maamouls and baklava.

Caramel High Tea City Center Rotana Chocolates

Florentines, Fig Tart, Lemon Meringue Tart, Dark Chocolate Truffle, Eclairs

Caramel High Tea City Center Rotana Sweets Arabic Maamoul Baklava

Misk Maamoul and Misk Baklava

When they say it is more than just scones, they really mean it.

Make some room

Later on, they rolled in the carving trolley where a slow-cooked Beef Wellington with mushroom duxelle, served with potato puree and rosemary jus is waiting to be devoured.

Caramel High Tea City Center Rotana Beef Wellington

Time for the meat.


Smothering mushroom duxelle.

Paired with warm ratatouille tart with goat cheese covered with puff pastry, it was a welcome break from the delectable sweets we previously had.

Caramel High Tea City Center Rotana Beef Wellington


The beef was succulent and tender, it was a perfect match!

Ready to be served.

End with a bang

And what better way to end the afternoon (which extended to early evening) affair with some show to make it even more memorable. They made a sorbet right in front of us using liquid nitrogen served with Apple Pie and Vanilla Dilmah tea infused meringue and passion fruit sauce. Whew! That was a mouthful.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

That’s when I realized I needed a much faster burst rate to capture such moments. Sorry for the rather blurry shots. It could have given more justice to that “grade school science experiment”-ish act.

Caramel High Tea City Center Rotana Nitrogen Ice Cream

Served with crushed tea infused meringue, passion fruit sauce and berries.

Caramel High Tea City Center Rotana Nitrogen Ice Cream

Sorbet up close.


While it is modestly marketed as a leisure afternoon event or a post-shopping pickup, I highly recommend it for your long overdue catch-up, a birthday or even a bridal party. Without a doubt, it is one of the best high tea places in Doha and you shouldn’t dare miss it.

Reasonably priced at QAR 125 per person, Caramel High Tea is available every Thursday from 3-7PM.

For reservations and further details, you may call +974 4445 8888.

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Photo credit: Rona Salazar (@rona.salazar) Anna Ibanez (@incatseye)



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