Where to Eat in Doha: L2 DoubleTree by Hilton

Looking for a budget-friendly dinner place? Have a sumptuous meal without burning a hole in your pocket.

When in Rio: Gringo & Rio

On a humid night along the shores of Copacabana, what could an Indian, Australian, Lebanese, German, French, Moroccan, American, and a Filipino possibly share in common?
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Where to eat in Doha: Sol Korean Restaurant

So you’d probably know that Apple had iPhone C and iPhone SE. Sony had Sony Xperia Lite and Samsung launched their Samsung A series. These mid-tier (or commonly known as…

Where to stay in Georgia: New Hotel

Looking for a reasonably cheap hotel to stay in Tblisi? New Hotel might be a good deal for you.

Where to Eat in Doha: Shalimar Darbar Restaurant

Where to eat next? What dish do I fancy for dinner? I’ve always been on the lookout for places to eat lately since I seldom cook in my apartment and…