Sushi Night at D’Chopstix Holiday Villa Doha

A few months back, I shared a couple of affordable Sushi buffets in Doha that are competitively priced at QAR 99. While some would argue that authenticity and quality of these buffets (at this price point) are sub-par, for sushi-on-a-budget aficionados like myself, what is important is that craving to be satisfied. Adding to the list is Sushi Night at D’Chopstix Holliday Villa Doha.

Sushi Night at D'Chopstix Holiday Villa Table Top

Reserve your table now.

It has been 7 years since I last visited D’Chopstix. I used to stay in an apartment nearby and back then, Holiday Villa has just opened. Yes, I’ve been in Doha that long. While it is considerably underrated among Doha diners, D’Chopstix offers a great Asian menu at a rather affordable price range. In fact, it has been named as Highly Commended Chinese Restaurant from Time Out Doha Dining Awards in 2013.

Sushi Night at D'Chopstix Holiday Villa Sitting area

Red and black motif with a touch of bamboo decor: how Asian can you get?

I am happy to be back and feel that familiarity with the place. Plenty of seats are available and nicely spread across the entirety of the restaurant. The minimalist decor, the earth-color palette, and the subtle music add to that unique Asian ambiance which not all restaurants successfully achieve.

Sushi September to Remember

For a limited time, D’Chopstix runs a Nigiri, Maki and Tempura Night for all Japanese-food lovers. With the present political condition of Qatar, I am happy to see such promotions that are on the budget side. International media has been painting a rather negative impression about Qatar in general, but hey, if the dining scene is any indication, we are absolutely fine. Aren’t we?

Sushi Night at D'Chopstix Holiday Villa Sushi Table

A festive sushi buffet table all waiting for you to devour.

The sushi selection is decent. Makis and Nigiris are plenty. Most of the makis are leaning on the vegetarian side (with beetroot quite heavily utilized on most rolls that I tried), but the presentation is highly commendable. As they say, we eat with our eyes first and definitely, the sushi buffet is quite an eye-candy.

Taking into consideration the affordability of this offer, I must say that the quality of the rolls was fine. They are well-prepared although most of them tend to be on the sweet-side because of the filling. Again, Japanese food fans and purists might not like the idea of how “modified” these rolls are (i.e. Crunchy Blue Maki), but I appreciate the effort to serve something different.

Among the items I tried, I am particularly fascinated with this maki wrapped in tofu and topped with tuna sashimi mixture. I find it unique and filling. If only it is on the savory side, I would totally love it. But despite that, this is a must-try on your next visit!

Sushi Night at D'Chopstix Holiday Villa Tofu with Tuna

Tofu with Tuna

Tempting Tempura

If there’s one thing Sushi Night at D’Chopstix Holiday Villa offers that the competition doesn’t is their Tempura Station. Despite the affordable price, they managed to include a very good selection of tempura items. Vegetable, prawn, fish, and calamari are among the available choices during my visit

Sushi Night at D'Chopstix Holiday Villa Tempura

Tempura Station

Unlike most tempuras in budget buffets, they nailed how tempura should be done: light and crispy. Most might think that tempuras are heavily coated pieces of vegetables and seafood in batter, but it’s not. I am elated to see (a rare) tempura done right in Doha! Yes, I am coming back just for tempura station alone.

Sushi Night at D'Chopstix Holiday Villa Vegetable Tempura

Vegetable Tempura

Each piece are evenly and lightly coated, perfectly seasoned, and more importantly, fried to perfect crispiness. To maintain the crisp and the right temperature, they are served in small batches and refilled constantly. Good job D’Chopstix!

Sushi Night at D'Chopstix Holiday Villa Shrimp Tempura

Light and well-seasoned batter holds its shape and texture.


The quality of service is often times overlooked when restaurant reviews are done but on this occasion, I have to commend the great service D’Chopstix provides. Everyone is courteous and attentive making the entire dining experience a real pleasure. The buffet table might be small compared to most buffet places in Doha but it never runs out of food as they are constantly filling whatever is running out.

Sushi Night at D'Chopstix Holiday Villa Refill

You’ll never run out of food.

Sushi Night at D'Chopstix Holiday Villa Nigiri Refill

Instagram-ready. Always.

 Tic Tac

It was a pleasant surprise revisiting a place I was familiar with after a long while. If you are looking for a place to satisfy that sushi-craving without breaking the bank, Sushi Night at D’Chopstix Holiday Villa is definitely a must-try. Catch it as the promotion runs only until September 30 so you better hurry. I have high hopes that the management will at least extend it as it is a steal!


Sushi Night at D'Chopstix Holiday Villa Details

Sushi All You Can Details


Ground Floor, Holiday Villa Hotel, Rawdat Al Khail Street, Al Mansoura, Doha

Open from  11:30 AM to 3 PM, 6:30 PM to 11 PM

Phone: 44774279

***Wheel Chair Access is available.


I was a guest during on this occasion. However, all photos used and opinions are my own.

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