Going Gourmet: The McDonald’s Signature Burgers

Burger aficionados have something to rave about and take their burger game one notch higher. Take a break from your usual Big Mac and go gourmet with McDonald’s Signatures.

The McDonald’s Signature Collection (photo courtesy of McDonalds)

If you haven’t heard, McDonald’s has introduced 3 gourmet burgers as part of their Signature Collection: The Clubhouse, The Chicken Mexicano, and The Mushroom. Since its launch late last year, it has been one of my staple items whenever I go for a visit.

In my recent entry, I’ve shared about the Open Door Tour and while on tour, they prepared these signature burgers and I saw first hand how these delectables are being prepared.

You might ask, what goes in each of them? Here’s the breakdown:

The Clubhouse

Golden-brown buttered artisan roll, tangy Big Mac sauce, gooey, caramelized onions, prime cuts of pure Angus beef, ground into a generously thick, juicy patty, melt-in-your-mouth, savory Swiss Emmental cheese, thick smoked cuts of crispy beef strips, and finished off with another helping of Big Mac sauce.

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The Chicken Mexicano

Golden-brown buttered artisan roll, smothered in delicious mayonnaise, melt-in-your-mouth, savory Swiss Emmental cheese, succulent white chicken breast, breaded to perfection, fiery Jalapenos, topped off with a thick layer of zesty guacamole.

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The Mushroom

Golden-brown buttered artisan roll, prime cuts of pure Angus beef, ground into a generously thick, juicy patty, mouth-watering mushrooms, on top of good old-fashioned American cheddar cheese, gooey, caramelized onions, and finally finished off with tasty black pepper mayo.

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I have to say that I personally wish all burgers at McD would use this artisan bun as they are really nice, I can eat the bun alone. Out of all three, I tend to order the Mushroom more often. I’m a huge mushroom burger fan so any burger with mushroom in it, I’m sure I’ll have it!


Priced at 20QAR each, you can also upgrade your order to a large fries and soft beverage for only 27QAR. While some would say it is on the expensive side, I’d rather call it reasonably priced. For that Angus beef patty and the bun alone, I won’t mind shelling out a few more riyals than my regular McDonald’s burger.

Expectations vs Reality: The burgers in real-life are still poster-worthy, right?

Have you tried these burgers yet? Which one is your favorite?

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