The Epicurean Getaway at Mykonos Intercontinental Doha

If I am being honest, I have to admit that I am not too familiar with Greek cuisine. While some might say that it is similar to some of the Arabic and Turkish cuisines that I am more familiar with, there is something that keeps me excited for that opportunity to learn something new. A few months back, I shared the Aegean Seafood Basket and recently, InterContinental Doha unveils the Epicurean Getaway at Mykonos.

The Epicurean Getaway at Mykonos

The new Epicurean Getaway menu brings a modern twist on traditional signature Greek dishes while maintaining that authentic Greek taste. Sounds confusing? To say the least, it is bringing a subtle spin to what seem to be traditional dishes most Greek foodies are all accustomed to. That bold epicure (a person who takes particular pleasure in fine food and drink) promise is quite a tall order I must say. What are these new menu items?

New Items

Epicurean Getaway at Mykonos Mussels Saganaki

Mussels Saganaki

Epicurean Getaway at Mykonos Rocca Beet Root Salad

Rocca Beet Root Salad

Epicurean Getaway at Mykonos Lamb Chops

Lamb Chops

Epicurean Getaway at Mykonos Beef Eggplant Paputsaki

Beef Eggplant Paputsaki


Mushroom Risotto


Beef Giouvetsi


White Chocolate Kantaifi




Perhaps I have been in this region for quite a while that I felt a sense of familiarity with the dishes that I tried during the menu launch. They are not completely new to my palette and I find an uncanny resemblance to other dishes from other countries. Lamb chops are a popular meat dish here in the Gulf. Beef Giouvetsi, on the other hand, is like a Greek version of Indian Biryani. That succulent beef chunks, flavorful and aromatic rice, is a meal on its own. Between this and the Mushroom Risotto (which is quintessentially Italian) that was also on the table, I would go for the Beef Giouvetsi. The Beef Paputsaki, to me, is like a toss of deconstructed eggplant moussaka and eggplant parmigiana which I both like a lot.

I’m surprised to find myself enjoying the Rocca salad. In general, I am not a huge fan of Rocca, but the subtle bitterness, when paired with sweet beetroot and that salty crumbs of cheese, is surprisingly a good flavor combination. As for the Mussels Saganaki, which literally translates a dish prepared in a small, two-handled heavy-bottomed frying pan, it is a rather miss. The dish itself was flavorful. I loved the cheese crumbles and the tomato and wine sauce bring a rich depth. But the major let down is the mussels. They were on the small side, and a number of my shells were empty. Perhaps it’s a matter of tough luck that night. I hope they’ll have a better catch on my next visit.

For desserts, I will recommend trying the White Chocolate Kantaifi for that light sweet fix after your meal. It has an interesting texture combo from the smooth chocolate, crisp from the shredded kantaifi dough (which looks like fried vermicelli noodles), and nuts, which when combined, brings a right amount of sweetness.

Are you ready for that Epicurean Getaway experience?


Hotel InterContinental Doha, Al Isteqlal Road, Westbay, Doha

For more prices, details, and reservations, you may call +974 4484 4444.


I was a guest at Mykonos on this occasion. However, all photos and opinions are mine.


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