Breaking Fast: InterContinental Style

They say Ramadan is following traditions and for some, it is about starting a new one. Recently, I’ve shared about how this sacred month has taught me about productivity and embracing other cultures. One of the things I look forward every year is the countless Iftars and Suhoors around Doha which brings such a festive atmosphere all month long. It has been one of my personal traditions to join and even organize gatherings with friends and celebrate through breaking fast.

This year, my relatively long list of Iftars starts with Media invitations from two popular hotels from Intercontinental Group (IHG) here in Doha: InterContinental Doha The City and InterContinental Doha.

Iftar at Al Jawhara Ramadan Oasis (InterContinental Doha The City)

On its third year, InterContinental Doha The City opens its popular Al Jawhara Oasis this Ramadan. Enjoy traditional cuisines at the Iftar buffet with a unique ambiance of Qatari heritage. Whether you are new in Qatar or a seasoned veteran, this is an experience you shouldn’t miss.

Media table at InterContinental Oasis Tent

Private majlis are also available for groups who would like to be a little more intimate and private.

Arabic inspired tent showcasing the rich Qatari heritage

From your typical Arabic hot and cold mezze favorites to succulent lamb leg and jasmine sauce, the spread is extensive and needless to say, lavish. Live stations are also available for freshly-made Pasta, Shawarma, and Desserts. True to Qatari hospitality, what better way break a day of fasting with an assortment of mouth-watering dishes and ending with equally enticing traditional sweets such as Katayef and Kunafa among others.

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Among my personal favorites were the Lamb Leg with Mint and Jasmine sauce, the fresh shawarma, and fresh crepes. I would definitely recommend trying these dishes out and clear your palette with a refreshing glass of Hwang Passion.

Succulent lamb leg with mint and jasmine sauce

Fresh Shawarma

Fresh crepe with raspberry compote filling

Refreshing Hwang Passion

Iftar Buffet is open from Sunset to 8 PM for 195 QAR per person including Ramadan beverage.

Ramadan Menu

Sohoor Buffet opens at 9 PM to 2 AM during weekdays and 9PM-3AM during weekends. Similarly priced at 195 QAR per person inclusive of Ramadan beverage, be mesmerized with soft melodies and the Tanoura show while enjoying a sumptuous feast.

For reservations, you may call +974 40158700, +974 70218803 or email

Al Jawhara Oasis Ramadan Tent - InterContinental The City Hotel Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Suhoor at Shahrazad Tent (InterContinental Doha)

I capped the day of an extravagant feast with an equally opulent array of food, music and posh ambiance at Shahrazad Tent.

The chic Shahrazad tent.

If you’re looking for a more chic and contemporary ambiance for your Suhoor, look no further. Shahrazad offers a comprehensive buffet menu to surely fill you up before another day of prayer and fasting.

From seafood to sushi to Beef Wellington, the choices seem endless. If you want to veer away from the traditional Arabic dishes that you might just have over Iftar, you can try other cuisines over here.

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I particularly enjoyed the impressive dessert station where I indulge in chocolate pavlova, lemon meringue pie and dark chocolate brownie bars. Traditional Arabic desserts are also available if you are on the look out of Umm Ali and Baklava among others.

Black Forest

An assortment of sweets at the dessert station.

Live music performance all night long.

Suhoor buffet starts from 9 PM to 1 AM at 195 QAR per person. Shisha is also available for 100 QAR each.

For more information and reservation, you may call +974 4484 4919.

Have you been to these tents yet? Share your recommendations and tell us why it is a must-try this Ramadan?


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