When is God o’clock?

Discover God's glory and power when you let Him move at the 11th hour.

When in Rio: Gringo & Rio

On a humid night along the shores of Copacabana, what could an Indian, Australian, Lebanese, German, French, Moroccan, American, and a Filipino possibly share in common?

Where to eat in Doha: Barrio Fiesta

One less reason to be homesick. Another Filipino restaurant opens in Qatar. Are you ready for the fiesta?

Why everyday SHOULD be Valentine’s Day?

Valentine’s Day. Heart’s Day. Global Single Awareness Day. Whatever you wanna call it, it is the time of the year again when everyone becomes affectionate, romantic and for some, depressed…

Why you should be your Best Version Always?

It isn't by size that you win or you fail-- Be the best of whatever you are!
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Where to eat in Doha: Sol Korean Restaurant

So you’d probably know that Apple had iPhone C and iPhone SE. Sony had Sony Xperia Lite and Samsung launched their Samsung A series. These mid-tier (or commonly known as…

Fearless in Favelas: The City within a City

For many, Rio de Janeiro is synonymous with Cristo Redentor, the Sugarloaf, or the beaches of Copacabana and Ipanema. While I agree that these places entice me to come and…

Where to eat in Doha: Cactus Senshi

The old cliche would say: Nothing is impossible. The same is true with food. Just when you thought that a rather odd combination will not work, a clever chef is…