I am Gerald Sarmiento and welcome to BLUE HAMBURGER.

I started blogging in 2006 as I needed an outlet both creatively and just plain ranting. Eventually, it became a hardcore hobby and used it to put into writing how I see and observe my surrounding. I enjoyed the freedom and liberal feeling that I am able to write whatever I want and no one will stop me. Free Press.

In 2011, I started working in Public Relations and by 2012, the blog took a long hiatus due conflict of interest.

This is my way of putting a dent in the world through my stories.

What it is NOT:

This is not just another food blog. These are stories behind my every meal.

This is not just another travel blog. These are stories behind every snap and distance I covered.

This is not just another spiritual/inspirational blog. These are stories how Jesus stayed faithful with me despite a hundred mishaps and shortcomings that I had.

What it is:

These are the chronicles of an Asian expat living a global citizen life. A life that is fun, filled with food and purposely faithful-driven.


Enjoy reading!